Movie realized

“Rinascere”: autobiography by Manuel Bortuzzo

Moviheart makes the TV Movie “Rinascere”


directed by Umberto Marino

with Alessio Boni e Giancarlo Commare

A Rai Fiction – Moviheart co-production

Taken from the book of the same name by Manuel Bortuzzo

TV Movie

First screening on Rai 1

Sunday 8 May at 9.25pm

 On 2 February 2019, Manuel Bortuzzo, a young swimmer who dreams of one day participating in the Olympics, is shot in the back. In 2020, his autobiography: Rinascere – L’anno in cui ho ricominciato a vincere (Reborn – The year I started winning again) is published by Rizzoli. A story of pain, frustration and anger, but also of strong determination and a desire for redemption. A story that, as producer Massimiliano La Pegna, Moviheart’s legal manager and administrator, says, is ‘a duty to tell’. And it is precisely for this reason that Moviheart has undertaken to option the rights to Bortuzzo’s autobiography, in order to bring it to television and show how, after a situation of enormous pain and discouragement, it is possible to get back up and be reborn, without abandoning one’s smile and hope.