Massimiliano La Pegna

Massimiliano was born in Rome on March 15th, 1964. He began his career in the USA after finishing his studies in that country. Initially he worked with his father, an established TV producer, in the realization of Commercials, TV Fictions and Movies.

In over twenty years of working experience Massimiliano has developed a network of relationships with the most important operators in international show business and has been awarded several prizes.

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Elisabetta Fogazzaro

Elisabetta graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Trieste and started working as an editor for Achille Mauri’s Publishing House “L’Esperto” in Milan. The Publishing house specialized in Modern Art Books, Encyclopedias and Children’s Books. Later, she went on to direct the Roman branch of the Arts and Culture Magazine “Spettacoli e Società”.

She collaborated as a researcher with the Milan Art Gallery “Jabik e Colophon” and, in the Eighties, made her debut in the Film and TV industries working for an important production company, managing foreign productions and all working relationships with foreign co-producers.

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Massimo De Sanctis

Massimo is an entrepreneur with a 20-year experience in all fields of communication. He specializes in Art, Cinema and Entertainment.

He introduced Digital Design in Italy by producing several advertising campaigns and posters forthe Cecchi Gori Group.

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